Terms & Condition

Bhaskar News Agency provides training to all its employees and correspondents from time to time, in which it is necessary for all the employees and correspondents to participate.

The agency follows all the rules and regulations of MCA so that the agency can function successfully.

The agency does not appoint any such person as District Correspondent or Bureau who is involved in any criminal case, if any suspicious behavior is seen in the middle of the tenure of any correspondent, then the agency immediately cancels his registration and The person’s information is sent in writing to the District Officer / District Information Officer of the concerned district.

To apply for news compilation as a correspondent in the agency, it is necessary to apply online on the agency’s news app Bhaskar Live.

After which the main team of the agency checks the documents of the applicant, if the documents and records of the applicant are correct, then the agency selects him as a correspondent.

After downloading the news app of the agency from Play Store, the applicant has to apply online on it, by depositing the application fee, the person can join the agency.

The agency provides news to any newspaper and news channel as a commission, for which the agency is completely independent.